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    Update on Vaughn Road Park

    Prior to C.C. Calhoun leaving office, he commissioned the repaving of the walkway in Vaughn Road Park and the replacing of some of the playground equipment. The approximate cost was $95,000. The money has already been transferred into the account and the head of the parks and recreation department is aware or the funds. Currently, they are waiting on the ground to be hard enough to replace the walkway. Also, Calhoun picked out playground equipment prior to leaving. The old playground equipment was removed because it was dangerous and in need of repair.

    Vaughn 9
    I will update you on the status as we move forward. Thank you for your patience as we move forward. My 4 year old is eagerly awaiting its repair. She is putting a lot of pressure on me to get this done.

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    CITY COUNCIL AGENDA – 01/19/2016

    A G E N D A
    JANUARY 19, 2016 – 5:00 P.M.

    Prayer by Councillor Burkette or Guest

    Pledge of Allegiance

    Approval of January 5, 2016 Work Session Minutes

    Approval of January 5, 2016 Regular Council Meeting Minutes

    Mayor’s Message

    Special Committee Reports

    Public Communications on Agenda Items (To address the Council during this time, the Roster must be signed before meeting begins indicating agenda item number to be discussed.)


    1. Hearing on proposed Ordinance amending Ordinance No. 4-95 to revise master plan to allow single-family residential use, whereas multi-family condominiums were approved, and revise guidelines for single-family residential for property located along Broderick Street and the north end of Andress Court in a PUD (Planned Unit Development Zoning District. Recommended by the Planning Commission. (RZ-1995-001/DP-2008-13)

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