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    Go Ahead…Dare to be Great

    A thought hit me this morning and I just have to share. America is great because men that dared to be great did not sit around and wait for people to tell them that it was OK to go be great. To these great men (and women), doing nothing was the biggest failure. They believed in themselves regardless of the climate. What set these men apart from most was that they forged ahead when most people laughed at them or when they were the only ones that believed. The forged a path where no one dared to go and did it in what most would consider the most inopportune time.

    I believe that within us still exists the ingredients that were in those same people that made America great. I believe that we still possess those intangibles that made America the envy of the world just a few short decades ago. I believe that we can be that way again. We just have to remember that it was “We the People” that made America great and not “Them the Government”.

    Today, we have lost that fire in our belly that made the term “Made in America” a thing to be proud of. Once great cities like Detroit are in total ruins. States like California, which had a GDP greater than most countries, seems to be in a rapid decline and people are abandoning it in record numbers everyday. On every measurable level, we are falling behind our competitors. We no longer see ourselves as winners. We enter into any competition with the expectation of defeat. That is not the attitude that made us great. That put the first man on the moon. That invented the personal computer or the internet (thanks Al Gore) that changed the world forever. We are better than that.


    Despite what your “leaders” and “experts” are telling you, go out and be great. Dare to live your dreams. Create the life that you and your family deserves. We have come through tougher times then this. And quite frankly, from the looks of it, I am afraid that they might get tougher. But that is OK. We can do this thing. We are great and always have been great and always will be great. All we have to do is believe and walk in the greatness that has already been bestowed upon us by God.

    That’s where I am. Who is with me? Let’s do this.