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    Proposed City Ordinance

    In order to get in front of this gay marriage issue, I am proposing the following ordinance:

    Freedom from Force Act:
    No one can be forced against their will to participate or acknowledge any act that goes against their religious beliefs; nor should they be able to refuse to provide a service or product to any individual if in doing so does not force them to participate or acknowledge any act.

    The city will provide alternate workers with signing authority in positions where providing such services would violate one’s first amendment rights.

    We need to pass this as soon as possible to protect the first amendment rights of those that do not agree with gay marriage but at the same time provide a compromise so that services can be provided to those seeking to get married.
    We must understand that there is a new day in America. But just because gays now have the right to get married, it does not mean that the first amendment is now null and void. The founders understood the importance of free speech and the freedom of religion. That is why they made it the first amendment. If we lose the freedom of religion along with the foundation of any society, the traditional family, then we are doomed for real.

    As city councilman, I will immediately propose this as a compromise so that the city can serve those seeking a gay marriage while at the same time protecting the religious freedom granted those that oppose gay marriage under the constitution. We must serve all people and not discriminate against Christians in the name of political correctness. This should pass with no opposition unless the true objective is to destroy Christianity and not gay marriage.
    I feel that this is a good compromise and should satisfy all parties concerned. This will show true leadership and get out in front of an issue that is bound to hit home sooner or later.

    Please share and circulate with you friends. Also, if the ordinance is inadequate or is missing something, then let’s discuss how to make it better. Arguing the finer points of gay marriage is not the objective. Most of us have made our position clear on that. I am simply seeking a solution where we can co-exist without compromise on either side.


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  1. Tebogo says: February 18, 2016 at 4:47 amReply

    This is what we need – an insight to make evreoyne think