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    Question and Answers from Officer Involved Shooting Press Conference (Unofficial)

    DISCLAIMER:  This is not an official transcript of what was said.  This is just my notes that I was able to take down while I was in the meeting.

    Mayor called the press conference to order at 12:30 PM

    He explained that the investigation is being expedited but it may take several weeks

    The mayor briefly addressed the timeline:

    1. EMS dispatched and arrived within 4 minutes within the call
    2. Mr. Gunn was pronounced dead at the scene shortly thereafter

    Immediately following the shooting all information was turned over to the SBI (State Bureau of Investigation)

    The brother of Mr. Gunn requested 5 minutes of silence for his brother. The mayor granted him 5 minutes.

    There was some talking back and forth between the brother and the mayor.  The brother got upset at the mayor and started shouting and then walked out


    1. Are the body cameras of the officer available
    A. The mayor cannot say. The video is stored on the body camera. The mayor has said that the camera has malfunctioned.

    2. What caught the attention of the officer? Why was he stopped?
    A, Stopped because of suspicion due to break-ins in the neighborhood during the early morning hours.

    3. Questing regarding the timeline?
    A. Chief Finley stated that the SBI will push for a speedy conclusion.

    4. Where is the officer today?
    A. On administrative position. Cannot return to active patrol until the case is resolved. Today he is off pending evaluation.


    5. What do you have in place to change the climate with the police force and the community?
    A. The mayor and police chief has implemented community policing. Has met with and walked the community. Working hard to build the relationships in the community. Developing sensitivity training to address any issues that may occur.

    6. Has the officer demonstrated a pattern of behavior that indicates that he would shoot an unarmed man for no reason?
    A. Chief Finley: No. We have a policy in place that identifies these patterns early and we prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

    7. Have you seen any video?
    A. Mayor: No. We had the 3rd party come in and take over the case so that there is no appearance of tampering

    8. Why were there so many shots?
    A. Chief Finley: Part of the investigation. Cannot answer the question at this moment.

    9. Are officers trained to use other means?
    A, Mayor: Yes. All evidence has been turned over to SBI (State Bureau of Investigation)

    10. What do you tell the people that may not be satisfied?
    A. Mayor: We are not satisfied either. We will depend on the evidence presented. We cannot make our decision until the investigation is completed. We are requesting calmness and patience. We are not investigating ourselves to avoid the appearance of tainted evidence and tampering. When the facts are presented we will make our decision.

    11. Who is the officer?
    A. Mayor: AC Smith. Hired in 2012.

    12. What is the timeline?
    A. Fire chief

    3:24 dispatched
    3:28 arrived
    3:34 pronounced dead

    13. What time was the scene cleared?
    A. The scene was cleared at 6 AM. No city officials were allowed on the scene while the SBI was there.

    14. Were any officers off duty?
    A. No.

    15. How many officers were on scene?
    A. Chief Finley: 1 officer. The other officer was a supervisor that arrived later.

    16. Do you plan on changing how many officers patrol?
    A. No. We are a 1 man patrol.

    17. Will you patrol based on race?
    A. Mayor: We will not patrol based on race.

    18. Will you do gun buy back programs?
    A. No. They are ineffective.

    19. How long will you wait before you file charges?
    A. We will wait until the evidence comes in before we make a decision.

    20. How do we deal with an altercation?
    A. Chief Finley: We use force continuum. We start with the baton and escalate from there. The determination is based on the officer.

    21. How is the officer doing?
    A. He is OK at this moment

    22. Was SBI rejected by the family?
    A. No.

    23. How soon will the answer be provided?
    A. Mayor: Unknown. We do not want to rush to judgement.

    The brother interrupts the conference and starts shouting and accuse the mayor of lying. He has to be restrained. Demanded the chief to resign. Requested that someone outside of the state comes in and investigate the case.

    24. What type of weapon did he have?
    A. Extendable painting stick. Was not told on how many shots were fired.

    An unknown man called for all white police officers to be removed from the community.

    Mayor made closing statement to hold the city together at 1:30 PM. We will get to the truth and the truth will determine the actions going forward.

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  1. Elois Payne says: February 29, 2016 at 9:14 pmReply

    So sorry for this young man over kill